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What is King of EOS?

King of EOS is a smart contract living on the EOS blockchain. Become a king, make a profit or immortalize your kingdom forever on the blockchain.
The game is simple in its rules but complex in its strategy:
Becoming a king comes at a cost. You can dethrone the current king by paying 1.35x the price he paid for the throne. 👑
If you are the king and someone else claims your throne, you will get the price he paid. Meaning you will make a profit of roughly a third of what you paid for the throne! 🤑
If you stay king for 7 consecutive days, the kingdom will be forever yours and a new kingdom will start! You will be immortalized as the ruler of this kingdom on the blockchain and in the Hall of Fame. 😎


I still don't understand how this works. Where can I read more?

You can read a more in-depth explanation in Introducing King of EOS.

What happens to my EOS after being king for 7 days?

This is a misconception people have about the workings of this contract. As soon as you become king, your EOS is already sent to the previous king. So there never is any money in the contract to be given back to you. After 7 days without a new king, a new round starts at 1 EOS again. You will have "lost" your EOS as there's no chance of anybody claiming your throne in the old round, but at least you will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame until the universe and the EOS blockchain die ..

How can I become a king?

You need an account on the EOS blockchain. Then you need to simply transfer the correct amount of money to the kingofeos contract. (Don't worry, if you send a wrong amount the transaction will fail.) This can be done with any wallet. I suggest using Scatter, a secure Chrome extension with good integration to websites. Make sure to send your kingdom customizations along as the transfer memo.

Can I customize my kingdom?

Yes! A king wouldn't be a king without his castle. The castle of the active king is always displayed on top of this page and can be customized: You can set the name of your kingdom, and upload an image which will be displayed on the flag of your castle tower.

These customizations must be submitted along with the transfer claiming the throne in the memo. Click the Claim button at the top of this page for the correct command.

Is this secure? Where is the source code?

You can verify that the deployed smart contract matches its source code on EOSPark. You can also visit to verify the transfers coming in and going out of the contract.

How much is the commission charge?

There is a commission charge of 5% per transfer for the development and RAM costs. This means you will still earn 130% of the price you paid when someone claims your throne. (135% increased throne price - 5% commission).

Can I get my money back?

No. The logic is handled by the contract and its transfers cannot be reversed. Be sure to know what you are doing and apply common sense - don't use money you can't afford to lose. Besides that, there never really is any money in the contract itself, because the money that comes in is immediately transfered to the previous king.


This contract's main purpose is to explore and test interactions between accounts and contracts on the EOS blockchain. Don't blindly trust the good-naturedness of contracts and do your own research by checking the code, its intent, and its previous transactions. More importantly, don't transfer amounts of money that you can't risk to lose. No refunds can and will be paid in case of malfunction. The author disclaims all liability for the operation of the contract which should be considered its own autonomous entity controlled by its code with the intention as specified in the ricardian clauses. If for whatever reason, you believe auctioning virtual kingdoms is illegal in your jurisdiction, don't participate. By interacting with the contract you accept these conditions.